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Home Improvement Coon Rapids | Because you deserve it!

Home Improvement Coon Rapids | Treat yourself to a perfect home! You deserve to live in the best home possible. And let’s be honest, your old home doesn’t live up to that any more. Whether it’s a bad paint color, a bad ceiling texture, or worn-out walls, we all have something we’d like to fix in our homes. And no matter what it is, our Home Improvement contractors are ready to help you with your project, no matter how big or small it might be! We’ll be happy to help you repaint your walls, repair your drywall, or do anything…

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Home remodeling Ham Lake | Make your home your valentine!

Home remodeling Ham Lake | Get started on your project today! You love your home, and that means that it deserves only the best – making it finally time to repair your walls, get rid of your popcorn ceilings, and maybe put a new color in for good measure. But taking on a Home Remodeling project on your own can be challenging – you might not know where to begin! Thankfully, our contractors at HOME drywall and painting have an extreme number of options to help you with your Home remodeling project – whether it’s soundproofing your walls, installing a…

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