Deck Staining Minneapolis MNNow that the warm weather in Minneapolis, MN is here for the spring, it is time to open back up that grill on your back deck and enjoy the fresh air! Many grill enthusiasts think that this time of the year is the best for grilling and spending time out on your deck. A deck in the Minnesota climate can develop some wear and tear after a tough winter. Now is the time to partner with Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting to provide professional deck staining services. In just a few days, your deck will look brand new, and you will be able to host family and guests with confidence!

Deck Staining Minneapolis MN: Reasons to Stain

  • Fresh Look – No one wants their deck to look faded and chipped. Harsh climates, cold temperatures and sun exposure can cause the stain on a deck to fade rather quickly. By allowing our professional stainers to apply a fresh stain to your deck, you can create a whole new look to your back porch.
  • Longer Life – Consistently applying a new stain to your deck can help to slow down the aging process. A deck that does not have proper staining maintenance applied can rot, chip, warp and even discolor over time. Our staining specialists have the proper materials and equipment to help you get the maximum life out of your deck.

Deck Staining Minneapolis MN: Stain Vs. Paint

You may be wondering, can’t a deck be painted rather than stained? Well, the answer is yes, however the longevity and look of a painted deck cannot compare to the sheer beauty of a stained deck. Although paint may look great at first, quickly the paint will begin to chip and discolor with constant interaction with the sun. Unlike paint that commonly peels, deck staining allows for a longer lasting look. Especially in weather that Minneapolis, MN faces, deck staining is the way to go! Wood cleaning is a task that does not have to be handled as frequently when your deck is stained. Additionally, wood restoration can be achieved by allowing our dedicated staff to apply our high quality deck stain to your residence.

In preparation for all of the summer parties and cookouts that you plan to host, there is no better place to begin the upgrades than your deck. Team up with Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting for all of your deck staining needs. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, give us a call at (612) 816-5333 to learn more about our deck staining services.