Deck Staining MNWe live in a state that has the true meaning to the four seasons. We have a wicked wet spring, hot and humid summer, cold and stormy fall, and let’s not forget the worst of all, Mr. Winter, or, as I like to call it: the tundra. With that being said, your outdoor living areas take a hard beating. Here in Minneapolis, MN we have to take special precautions when saving the look of our outdoor spaces. Staining your deck or staining your fence protects the wood from ultraviolet sun damage, moisture and mildew damage. Having your outdoor space stained and protected is much more cost-efficient and time saving rather than having to tear down your old fence to build a new one, or repairing your deck year after year because the winter destroyed it.

Deck Staining MN|Stain Importance:

Bare wood: It’s bare wood. Any type of weathering is going to rot this type of wood out. Covering it with stain or paint will protect it for years to come.

Clear Toner: This is a light layer to protect the wood against the beating sun while still giving you that natural wood look.

Semi-Transparent: This type of stain will give you the color change. If you want an oak look or even a dark maple look, you can achieve that with this type of stain. (This is usually the most popular type of stain.)

Semi-Solid: A lot like the semi-transparent stain, it will change the wood color and make the wood surface smoother. (This is also another popular type of stain.)

Solid Color: This will hide the wood grain completely. Some people like this if they’re trying to match their home. It’s great for cleaning but you’ll have to repaint it more often than restaining.

Naturally, it all comes down to what you want your deck or fence to look like. Are you looking for a deeper, darker stain, or perhaps just a light one, enough to protect your wood and still give it some life? Either way, Home Drywall and Painting can help you make the right decision, using the best quality stain possible for your deck or fence to up-stand those gruesome seasons.

Deck Staining MN|Hassles of Staining

Have you ever researched what the steps are for staining or re-staining your deck or fence? If not, I’ll go over a small process of what it takes to do it yourself and you may never look at staining your deck the same again.

First, you need to make sure there isn’t any rotting boards that your foot is going to sink into. If the boards aren’t rotted or warping, then you need to make sure that the deck railings are secure and stable. Nobody wants grandma falling face first down the steps.

Second, you’ll need to scrub your deck to remove debris. Using deck cleaners and lighteners can help the process along if you’re trying to get the natural look and keep all the wood the same tone. This is a very messy task and if you’re not experienced or have the right tools, you’re looking at a job that can take upwards of several hours.

A lot more than you had originally anticipated isn’t it? Luckily for you, you can hire our trained professionals from Home Drywall and Painting to take care of this long list that spells headache.

Trusting in our trained professionals who have had on the job experience for many years can turn this headache into a peace of mind. Not only will you keep your hands clean but we’ll have the job done in a timely manner and your yard looking better than before. We stand by a job well done and have testimonies to back it up.

If you’re ready, contact us today for an estimate by using our short online form or at (612) 816-5333. Your deck and fence are waiting for that gorgeous appearance you’ll enjoy for years to come!