Drywall Contractor MinneapolisAre you a proud homeowner? Whether you just closed the deal on your dream house, a fixer upper or have been in your home for years, it is important to know who you can trust to work on your home. Home Drywall Contractor Minneapolis is a quality company, with years of experience in the drywall and painting construction industry.  Their highly trained, fully licensed and insured contractors can accomplish a wide array of projects:

Drywall Contractor Minneapolis: The Services we Offer

When installing drywall it is important to determine the proper panel placement, the cut out location for fixtures and to locate the studs. At Home Drywall and Painting we have the experience needed to get these steps done quickly and precisely.  The material we use is only the best on the market. Our experts won’t leave you with a complete mess either, they will make sure to pick up the leftover debris  because we know no one wants to come home to a screw in the foot!

The process of finishing drywall takes a massive amount of patience and detail orientation. The trick is to be able to smooth out the wall, with the least amount of strokes possible to prevent the mud from beading or getting lumpy. Also, if you’re not experienced, you may notice most of the mud ends up on the floor, not the wall. The experts at Home Drywall and Painting make it look easy but don’t be fooled by their sleek demeanor, creating a wavy wall or even damaging the surface is a lot easier than providing a sleek finished look.

When an incident happens and your wall is sticking out like a sore thumb, we can help.  We can fix drywall that has been affected anywhere from a tiny dent, to a hole larger than a foot. Even damages caused by mold, fire or water will no longer be an issue. Our repair materials are professional grade and our skilled contractors are able to remove any indication that the damage ever existed.

We are your top resource for anything drywall. If you want to add a new wall, perfect an old wall or to fix a damaged wall, call us today for a free in home consultation at (612) 816-5333.