Drywall Installation Oakdale MNYou don’t have to live with those outdated popcorn ceilings. They’re ugly, they date your beautiful Oakdale MN home and they may contain asbestos. If you have the dreaded acoustic ceiling, otherwise called “popcorn” or “cottage cheese,” you can start there. It’s just like an old kitchen or bath. It gives the house a dated appearance.  These textured ceilings also can affect a house’s value. Something like that goes into the final cost negotiation of a house and the buyer is most likely going to try to negotiate down. Popcorn (acoustic) ceilings are also dust traps and hard to maintain, because any attempt at cleaning can rub off the some of the acoustic material, damaging the ceiling. This is why you need to schedule a popcorn texture removal job at the Drywall MN Contractors – Home Drywall and Painting.We can also take care of your Drywall Installation Oakdale MN. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the ceilings were the latest thing back in the late 1950s and then inevitably fell out of favor.

Drywall Installation Oakdale MN | Popcorn Ceilings Removal, Sheet Rock Installation and Much More!

Below you can see additional drywall specific services that we offer in Oakdale MN and all of Saint Paul Minnesota:

  • Drywall Installation – Provide customers with a full service installation from beginning to end. All you have to do is make the call, and we will handle the rest!
  • Drywall Finishing – Finishing provides your room with its lasting look, so precision and expertise are very important. Offering various finishings to fit the character of any room, you will find new elegance and charm that your room has never given you before.
  • Drywall Texturing – Deciding on the right texturing for your room can be challenging. Let our experienced team of professionals walk you through the benefits of each option and help you make a decision. We offer various textures including popcorn, orange-peel, and knockdown.
  • Texture Removal – Removing popcorn texture from ceilings has become an increasing demand. We can easily remove the popcorn, replacing it with our knockdown texture. This is an affordable upgrade that you will not be disappointed in.
  • Drywall Repair – Not all of our drywall services require full replacement. If you have some damaged drywall that needs to be fixed, our drywall professionals can make it look just like new.

Drywall Installation Oakdale MN | Our Drywall Process

Below you can see our simple project process broken down to make it easier for our Oakdale MN customers to understand how we work in your home:

  • Demolition: This stage can be messy! We set up plastic barriers wherever we are working to ensure that your property stays clean! We do a complete cleanup before leaving the project!
  • Drywall Hanging: We only use the best equipment on the market today as this is a very important part of the drywall process. Our licensed drywall contractors have years of experience that aids us in assuring every customer that the job will be done right!
  • Sheet Rock Taping: Using a 3-step process, we get this job done right every time! Our tapers are trained and ready to provide you with flawless work!
  • Drywall Texturing: Known as a speciality of ours, we can match, blend or remove any texture you are needing or wanting!
  • Home Painting: We offer a variety of different finishes and colors of paint so that your home or office is left perfect every time!

So if you live or work in Oakdale MN or St. Paul, Minnesota call Minnesota Home Drywall & Painting for both your residential drywall services as well as commercial drywall services! Call us today for an estimate at (612)816-5333.

Drywall Installation Oakdale MN

Do not let stress be the reason for not renovating your basement or removing outdated popcorn ceilings or installing drywall to repair the mold and water damage on your old sheet rocked walls! Dealing with so many different drywall companies can turn what is supposed to be a fun project into one that you dread. By choosing a customer focused team that can handle your renovation project every step of the way, this will allow you to relax and focus on other more manageable projects. Rest assured, once you see our final product, you’ll be left with a big smile on your face.