Fence Staining Minneapolis MNAs spring gets under way and summer approaches, everyone in Minneapolis, MN seems to make their way outdoors. Whether you are trying to keep pets in your yard, or wild animals out, a nice wood privacy fence is an attractive feature that adds value to the property and gives tremendous curb appeal to a home. That is, unless, you have an outdated, grungy looking fence! Make it a priority this spring to give your fence a fresh new look and call our fence staining professionals! At Home Drywall & Painting, we are committed to making every customer happy and providing all different types of fence staining services.

Fence Staining Minneapolis MN: Why Stain Your Fence?

Like all things made out of wood, in order to maintain its structural stability and attractive design, staining a fence is a must. Living in Minnesota means that anything exposed outside can fall victim to cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers. At Home Drywall & Painting, we offer fence staining services that will slow down the aging process of your fence and also keep it looking nice! We prep, wash, and then stain the fence to get it looking good as new!

Stain Options

Times have changed in the world of staining. Our fence staining professionals can now offer a variety of fence staining services that weren’t on the market a few years ago! Some of our options include:

  • Coloring the Stain: Depending on the type of wood you use, you may want to use a stain with a little color to it! If your fence is made with high quality wood that is easy on the eyes, adding color to the stain may only cheapen the look. However, if your fence is made with lower quality wood, the color of the stain becomes the focal point! This will help to diminish the look of the lower quality grain and wood surface.
  • Transparency with Sealants: Some homeowners are not looking to change the look at all and are only looking for a good sealant. Our fence staining professionals can apply transparent stains that only act as a water repellant and do not penetrate any of the wood. However, using penetrating oils has its upsides as it helps the wood last longer. In this case, semi-transparent stains (Alkyd stains) are also available.
  • Solid Color Stains: While this looks great on weathered wood, as it gets rid of the grain entirely, it has a tendency to chip and wear. However, using solid color stains can complement the trim of the home and add real dimension to the property.

If you live in Minneapolis, MN and would like more information on Home Drywall & Painting fence staining services, give us a call today at (612) 816-5333. Our fence staining professionals are waiting to hear from you!