Home Remodeling MNHave you begun to outgrow your home and need to add living space by finishing off your basement? If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable drywall contractor in MN, look no further than Home Drywall and Construction. We offer outstanding drywall installation in both residential drywall services and commercial drywall services.

Home Remodeling MN|Drywall Services offered:

Drywall Installation

Complete drywall installation in new or existing homes and areas in your home for the purpose of converting space into living space, i.e., turning unusable basement space into a recreation room, laundry area, additional bedrooms or an extra income apartment.

Drywall Finishing

Never under estimate the importance of a job done right. The most important part of the drywall installation process is the finishing touches. Hire a company that guarantees the job will be done right the first time.

Drywall Texturing

How a room looks when it is completed depends on a lot of elements. Make sure to work with a company that will give you an idea of what the completed project will be and will show you samples of different drywall texturing so you can make the right decision for the outcome of your project.

Texture Removal

Many times people have some drywall in their homes or businesses that need to have texture removed. Popcorn ceilings are one area that may seem like a do-it-yourself type of job but can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Drywall Repair

For the people that have half finished projects in their homes or businesses or that have drywall that has been damaged by water or fire, Home Drywall and Construction offers drywall repair services.

Room Soundproofing

Are you planning a project that requires soundproofing? Home Drywall and Construction has the solution for you. Expert in all residential drywall services and commercial drywall services, we use top quality soundproofing products to isolate sound for home recording studios or commercial recording studio businesses.

With an A+ rating from the BBB, Home Drywall and Construction also offers interior and exterior painting, deck staining, fence staining and power washing.

For the best drywall installation offered by a top-notch drywall contractor MN renovation leader Home Drywall and Construction should be your first call at (612) 816-5333. We look forward to working with you soon.