Painters Saint PaulIt’s almost Christmas, so we are sure that you have already begun making your list for Santa! How about letting Santa bring you a team of reliable painters with years of experience who are ready to tackle your paint job, big or small? Well, if you are in the South St Paul, MN area you are in luck. Let Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting take care of that item off of your Christmas wish list this year. Specializing in interior painting, we can add that elegance to your home that has been missing for far too long. Focus on another do it yourself project and let our painting contractors handle your interior painting needs.

Painters Saint Paul|Reasons to Leaving Painting to the Professionals

Sure, painting looks easy. All you have to do is paint a wall with a brush, right? That’s just a small part of a professional paint job. Painting is an art. Our team takes pride in the meticulous detail used when painting a room. Painting a room is a multi-step process from taping the trim and ceilings to making sure that the wall gets a smooth final coat, to cleaning up and ensuring that you leave the room just as clean as it was before you started. The last thing you want to happen is for your paint to cause a stain on your floor or carpet. We have so much confidence in our painters that we guarantee your satisfaction! We are fully licensed, insured, and all employees are highly trained and efficient. Keeping the customer first, we are committed to working around your busy schedule to ensure that your project gets completed in a timely fashion.

Painters Saint Paul|Painting Finishes Offered:

We offer various finishes that will meet your needs and we are always happy to give you input if needed. Our finishes include:

  • Flat
  • Shine
  • Egg Shell
  • Semi-Gloss
  • High-Gloss

Now that you are aware of a Santa approved, reliable and experienced company that offers professional painting services, fill out our Online Interior Painting Quote Form or call Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting today at (612) 816-5333. If you are in the South St Paul, MN region, let us provide you with a free consultation. We can typically start your project within one week of you signing an agreement.