Popcorn Ceiling Removal MNA popcorn ceiling, also known as cottage cheese ceiling or more accurately a Stucco ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction. There could be many reasons why you want to get rid of that retro look and call up a professional drywall contractor to perform popcorn ceiling removal MN in your home. Whatever the case may be, your home is ready to enter the 21st century. What better way to zap your Minnesota home back to life than updating your ceilings!

Popcorn Ceilling Removal MN|Remove that Outdated Popcorn Texture

Just as if you had a room that has outdated furniture, your ceilings are Popcorn Ceiling Removal MNthe same way. Although people do not tend to talk about ceilings very often, they are still very noticeable, and can quickly change into the focal part of the room if it looks unpleasant. Not to mention, those pesky ceilings could contain asbestos.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal MN

Asbestos was used as a binder in many construction materials before it was banned in 1978 for posing health risks such as cancer and respiratory disease If you are suffering from the outdated popcorn texture look in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room, have no fear! There are ways to remove that “cottage cheese” formation from your ceiling, and get your home back into the modern world with Popcorn Ceiling Removal MN.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal MN| Goodbye Popcorn, Hello New Ceiling

After popcorn ceiling removal MN is complete, a great option is replacing it with a smooth ceiling or a knockdown.

Knockdown hides imperfections and can also be applied to walls.  Knockdown is a favorable modern style of texturing drywall with plaster and does not possess any of the drawbacks of popcorn.

Not only is knockdown texture an affordable upgrade to your home but it can be executed in a timely manner. The picture shows a smooth ceiling. This takes a VERY skilled tradesman!

Whether your home is fully furnished or vacant, our professional team at Home Drywall & Painting take every precaution necessary to keep your home and furnishings safe and clean.

Ready for a change? Call out office today (612) 816-5333, and let us help!

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