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We all have one thing in common when it comes to our daily lives. We all need some peace and quiet for parts of the day. Whether you are an owner of a business that has a lot of employees, or you are a homeowner that lives in a busy, loud neighborhood, soundproofing your home or office may be just the solution. If you need Soundproofing Eden Prairie MN area, Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting has you covered. Let our experienced professionals come out to your location to provide you with a no hassle, free consultation. We can eliminate nearly all sound travel by performing various soundproofing methods.

Soundproofing Eden Prairie MN|Professional Services We Offer:

  • Commercial Soundproofing – Soundproof barriers are a necessity in the business world this day in age. To protect customers of their HIPAA rights, or to keep conversations confidential, soundproofing can be a huge help. Also, for companies that have call centers, fluctuating sound correctly is a necessity to maintain high performance. We can handle any project big or small.
  • Residential Soundproofing – Rather than having to get up and move solely because the road you live on is too loud, or your neighbors make too much noise, soundproofing could provide you with a more affordable option.

Our Quality Soundproofing Products:

  • Green Glue Compound – This product is typically applied to walls, ceilings or floors, usually within the drywall. This compound decreases the amount of sound that is able to travel through the walls. Green Glue commonly gets rid of 90% of transfer noise from room to room. A great option for buildings or homes getting remodeled.
  • Dense Pack Cellulose – The feature of this product is that it slows down and often stops airborne noise transmission. This material is best utilized with an unfinished home or building. This product can help reduce energy bills because it cuts energy usage.
  • RC-1 (Resilient Metal Channel) – Low cost option that is a great way to lower sound transmission. Absorbs shock and vibrations that go through walls. Installation is key in its performance.

Don’t let excessive volume and noise be a reason for you to move or a reason for your company to have poor productivity. If you need Soundproofing Eden Prairie MN region, call Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting today at (612) 816-5333 for all of your soundproofing needs. 

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