Soundproofing St PaulDoes your son Billy really love to jam out on the drums at all hours of the day and night? Sure you’re excited that Billy is expressing his creative side through his love for music, but it sure does get loud sometimes, doesn’t it? Well, through effective soundproofing solutions from Home Drywall & Painting you can get your sanity back and still foster your child’s love for music. Home Drywall & Painting has been providing home soundproofing to residents of St Paul and Minneapolis, MN for a number of years and would be happy to come out to your home or office to give you a free estimate.

Soundproofing St Paul: Soundproofing Solutions from Home Drywall & Painting

  • Green Glue Soundproofing – Green glue has been shown to reduce up to 90% of the transfer of noise from one room to another. It’s typically applied between two pieces of building materials like drywall. We’ll typically just hang an additional layer of drywall with the Green Glue on the back side over your existing drywall. This versatile option is great for home or offices where no demolition is necessary.
  • Dense Pack Cellulose Soundproofing – This type of soundproofing is more effective than green glue but is more difficult to complete on an existing structure. Typically it’s best applied to unfinished basements or new construction.
  • RC-1 Soundproofing – RC-1 Soundproofing is a type of metal channel that helps to reduce sound transmission. This type of soundproofing is low cost, yet effective in reducing sound travel. The product is made of 25-gauge steel and is often placed perpendicular to drywall or studwork. It’s important to place the channels in the proper place for optimal results. Home Drywall & Painting has years of experience installing RC-1 soundproofing materials and can help you get the most bang for your buck with this versatile material.

Soundproofing St Paul: Call us so we can cure your noisy problem!

If you’ve had enough of your loud neighbors or you just want a place where you can go for a bit of true peace and quiet, soundproofing St Paul professionals Home Drywall & Painting would be happy to work with you. We not only provide the highest level of soundproofing material, but we also can provide a solution that falls well within your budget. We’ll even work around your schedule to find a time that is least disruptive to your daily activities.

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