Commercial Drywall MinneapolisBuilding a commercial property takes a long time to complete. Not to mention all the building codes that have to be met. It can all be a giant headache. Luckily for you, the professionals at Home Drywall and Painting have years of training and experience with new commercial building construction. We know the codes and the quality needed to complete the building, with better results than you could imagine. If you are looking into building a new commercial property in the Minneapolis, MN area and are in need of a drywall expert – we are the crew you need. Our skilled drywall  contractors offer professional drywall installation, finishing, texturing and soundproofing solutions.

Commercial Drywall Minneapolis| Types of Commercial Properties:

  • Office: Whether you’re in a high-rise or low-rise office building, it doesn’t matter to us. We know that each job is going to be different and we are prepared for every aspect thrown our way.
  • Industrial: You may need space for a heavy manufacturing warehouse or just a bulk warehouse, we have the knowledge and tools to complete the jobs how they are designed to be.
  • Retail: Retail shops are the front line of any company and the first thing your customers see. We can turn your new retail space into something that’s going to reflect the company and product. Want textured walls to make the space pop? We have experts on hand ready to go.
  • Multi-family/Apartments: We know that having good quality and sturdy drywall and sheetrock in these spaces is going to save you money in the long run. You don’t want to have to repair after each tenant leaves and we don’t want you to either. We even offer room soundproofing to give your apartments or condos something that most don’t have.
  • Hotels: Depending on what you want done, we can turn your hotel into a soundproof quality piece of rock. Having the best hotel is what’s going to bring the people back again and again. If you give them the best night sleep in a hotel they’ve ever had, you’re guaranteed to stay busy. With busy traffic, you want to make sure your drywall is strong and sturdy. We can make that happen for you.
  • Community Centers.
  • Nursing Homes.
  • Churches.
    These three places are also on the front line when members of the community enter the location. Having a professional commercial contractor completing the job, will ensure the beauty of the building for years to come.

Commercial Drywall Minneapolis

We don’t just want you to have a plain building, we want you to have an extraordinary building. We stand by a job well done and our crews are experienced and dedicated. Not only does hiring a professional contractor help you in the long run, we are sure to give you the most professional look in the industry.

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