Commercial Soundproofing MNThis day in age, privacy is a very important factor when architects strategically build a new office building. For companies with lots of employees, being able to properly manage the sound created by co-workers can be quite challenging. If you are a company in the medical field, a building that guarantees confidentiality is vital to gaining a patient’s trust. If you are a business owner in the  MN area, and you are looking for soundproofing assistance, look no further than Home Drywall and Painting. We have been serving the Minnesota area for the last 10 years, and are committed to providing the highest level of care in customer service.

Commercial Soundproofing MN Products We Use:

  • Green Glue Compound– Typically used in between sheets of drywall, which often times decreases sound travel up to 90 percent between rooms in an office building. It also helps manage floor noise as well. Great for remodeling or when upgrading a building that is not under construction.
  • Dense Pack Cellulose– Best used on new construction. Known for slowing down airborne sound. High performance soundproofing product that is great for any business that deals with loud noises on a daily basis.
  • RC-1 – Affordable option that provides strong results. Absorbs shock and reduces vibrations from going through walls. Installation of this product is a tough task, and our experienced team is fully trained to handle the task.

Our staff can start your job as quickly as one week after a receiving a signed agreement, as we know quick and professional turnaround is a requirement this day in age. Let someone from our team come to your office and provide you with a free consultation. Not only will we provide you with a competitive price, but we will lay out all of your soundproofing options and let you decide which route is best for you.

So, if you are in the MN area, call Home Drywall and Painting today at (651) 357-6085 for all of your commercial soundproofing MN needs. Visit our website to get a glimpse of the type of service we strive to provide to all of our clients each and every day.

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