Commercial Soundproofing: What is does it entail?

Commercial Soundproofing

Most of the time, commercial buildings generally require specialized sound isolation in order for their businesses to flourish while not bothering nearby residential homes or other businesses. It is also very common for businesses to isolate noisy factory equipment from nearby offices and cubicles within the nearby facility as well.

Who Can Benefit From Commercial Soundproofing?

There are many businesses that can benefit from commercial soundproofing including:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Construction site areas
  • Hotel & Motel businesses
  • Musician practice and Orchestra facilities
  • Car Repair Shops/Garages
  • HealthCare Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • And Much more…

How Home Drywall & Painting Can Soundproof Your Business! Below are some of the products and materials we use at Home Drywall & Painting to help soundproof your business:

Green Glue Soundproofing

Green Glue is a Noise proofing, damping product that, when wedged between two layers of rigid material such as drywall, it can significantly reduce the amount of sound transmitted through walls or ceilings, and reduces the amount of noise generated from impacts on floors.

The best part about Green Glue is that it can be quickly used between two sheets of any commonly used building materials in new construction and remodeling. Green Glue can be applied anywhere such as the walls, ceilings, and floors to dramatically reduce sound vibrations.

Dense Pack Cellulose Soundproofing

Dense pack cellulose completely hinders air from seeping in and also works as an excellent sound insulator. Air invasion is dampened as the dense pack acts as an effective air barrier, slowing down and in some cases stopping the overall movement of air through the buildings envelope.

RC1 Sound Proofing

RC1 (also known as Resilient Channel) is known as one of the most cost-effective soundproofing products on the market. Resilient Channels are most commonly seen in multi-family households and businesses where sound transmission is a concern. RC1s are typically created from 25-gauge sheet steel, and they contain holes in the web of the channel to offer flexibility.

Commercial Soundproofing: Soundproofing Experts In Minnesota

With over 25 years in the drywall and painting business, the Home Drywall & Painting professional contractors have seen it all. Not only are we experience, but we have the right tools and knowledge to get your commercial soundproofing project done in no time.

If you are in need of soundproofing materials and services for your home or commercial building, call the experts at Home Drywall & Painting at (612) 816-5333 today!