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Soundproofing Edina MNThere are times in our busy schedule that we just long for peace and quiet. This is not always easy to find. There are noises all around us throughout the day and night. When a quiet environment is needed, it is time to call in the Experts from Home Drywall & Painting. We will listen to Edina, MN homeowners and business owners alike and determine the best Soundproofing Edina MN methods for your situation and budget. There are many different noise control options out there but only 3 that we endorse and stand behind. They are Green Glue, Dense Pack Cellulose and RC-1 Soundproofing.

Green Glue Soundproofing

  • Effectively Eliminates up to 90% of Noise traveling between rooms or buildings
  • Applied between two sheets of building material – meaning there is no need to make holes or demolish walls – it can be applied to a panel of drywall and hung on top of existing walls or ceilings.
  • Absorbs Noise
  • Can be used on Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Dense Pack Cellulose Noise Reducing

  • High Performing Soundproofing product, requiring a more intense application
  • Great Solution for an Unfinished Basement
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Added Benefit of resisting fire, moisture and pests

RC-1 Sound Absorbing Product

  • Low Cost and Very Effective at reducing and absorbing sound vibrations
  • Made of 25 Gauge Steel that is attached to wood or steel
  • Resilient Metal Chanel (RC-1)
  • Proper Placement is Crucial to High Performance

Soundproofing Edina MN| Ask the Noise Control Experts

Home Drywall & Painting are the Experts in Noise Control Products and Solutions. We will look at your individual situation and recommend the best solutions. Our experienced contractors will work around your schedule to professionally install Unbeatable Results in Soundproofing.

Soundproofing Edina MN | Noise will no Longer be a Problem

Leave it to the experts from Home Drywall & Painting to provide you with Best and most cost effective Soundproofing Solutions for your Edina, MN home or office. With more than 25 Years of experience, we have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your noise control problems.

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