Soundproofing Maplewood MN|Silence in Your Home or Business

Soundproofing Maplewood MNIs Soundproofing the right choice for your home or business? Most likely the answer is Yes! There are several different options available to silence sound travel and bring about a more peaceful atmosphere. Home Drywall & Painting has studied the science of soundproofing solutions and is well equipped to help you in your individual situation. We will come to your St. Paul, MN home or office to discuss the best and most affordable products to eliminate excess noise. We have Dense Pack Cellulose, RC-1 and Green Glue Compound that can be used for walls, ceilings and floors.

Reasons For Soundproofing Your Home Or Office

There are numerous reasons why it is smart to soundproof your home or office space. Noise reduction can help to bring peace and quiet and to increase productivity.

• Traffic Noise
• Planes and Trains
• Loud Co-workers
• Roommates
• Privacy
• Loud Neighbors
• Recording Studio
• Home Theater with surround sound
• Being near a noisy Park or School
• Shift Workers
• Rehearsing an Instrument
• Home Office
• Income Property
• Echo from Hardwood or Tile Floors
• Yoga or Meditation room

Dense Pack Cellulose Soundproofing

Soundproofing Maplewood MN

• Made from Recycled Newspapers and Wood Pulp
• Resists Fire, Moisture, Mold and Pests
• Reduces Energy Costs
• Works much better than Fiberglass for Reducing Noise

RC-1 Sound Channel (Resilient Channel)

Soundproofing Maplewood MN

• Sound Deadening through a thin metal channel that isolates drywall from framing materials
• 25 Gauge Steel works as a shock absorber reducing vibrations
• Installed in Walls and Ceilings
• Cost Effective and Affordable sound damping

Green Glue Compound

Soundproofing Maplewood MN

• Applied to back side of Drywall or other building materials
• Non Invasive and can be attached to Existing Walls
• Absorbs the Noise
• May be used for Ceilings, Floors and Walls

Soundproofing Maplewood MN: A Smart Investment

Soundproofing your St. Paul home or business can be a smart investment in tranquility and productivity. Home Drywall & Painting offers Professional Soundproofing Services that are effective to silence sound travel and greatly reduce noise. We will speak with you to determine the best soundproofing solution to meet your needs. Our services include Green Glue, RC-1 and Dense Pack Cellulose. We have a great track record with 25 years of experience.

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