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Soundproofing MinnesotaSound is a form of energy that travels through objects and finds your ears. Sound is produced when there is a vibration that travels outward. Different objects conduct sound differently. While some materials seemingly amplify noise, others are better suited for Sound Elimination. Soundproofing Minnesota Home Drywall & Painting is an expert at effective sound control materials and services. We use only the best products in the industry such as Green Glue, Dense Pack Cellulose and RC-1.

Soundproofing Minnesota: Ineffective Soundproofing Materials

Not all soundproofing materials are created equal. There are several products available on the market that claim to eliminate unwanted noise but fail to deliver:

Fiberglass Insulation is fine as a thermal insulator but allows sound waves to travel right through.

Tiles, Bricks or Concrete allow noises to transmit freely and bounce around the room.

Egg Crates may sound silly but some people have tried to use them in large quantities as a noise reducer only to find that sound frequencies pass through it.

Foam Rubber provides some sound elimination but the cost is about the same as much more effective materials that are scientifically designed for noise reduction.

Carpet does absorb some sound but cannot block the sound waves from coming right through and into the room.

Plywood Panels and other wood products transfer sound rather than stopping the noise from traveling.

Green Glue Noise Proofing Compound

Home Drywall utilizes Green Glue Compound for noise proofing rooms. It is a very effective and affordable application that can be used over an existing ceiling, floor or wall. The compound is applied to an ordinary sheet of drywall, which is then attached to the existing building materials.

Dense Pack Cellulose Sound Barrier

Dense Pack Cellulose provides very efficient sound insulation by slowing down or stopping air movement within a building. This effective sound dampening material is best used within an empty wall such as when finishing a basement.

RC-1 Resilient Channel

This 25 gauge steel sound elimination product can be attached to steel or wood. It absorbs the energy vibrations and traps them between the walls, floors or ceilings. This is a low cost and highly effective sound dampening material when correctly installed by a professional.

Soundproofing Minnesota: Sound Elimination Experts

Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting is very experienced with soundproofing solutions. We offer only the Most Effective Sound Control Materials and Services in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Expert installation can make all the difference in the effectiveness of the high quality materials that we use including Green Glue, RC1 and Dense Pack Cellulose.

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