Your Home Is Your Sanctuary

Soundproofing Roseville MNWhen you are building a custom home you want it to be your own sanctuary to relax, entertain and enjoy life. Wouldn’t it be great to just block out noise pollution and hear yourself think? You can with the help of Home Drywall & Painting. We provide residential soundproofing services as well as commercial soundproofing services. We have several different soundproofing options available for your home. They include Green Glue, Dense Pack Cellulose and RC-1 soundproofing solutions. Minneapolis, MN is a beautiful city with much to offer but it can be a bit noisy when you are looking for peace and quiet.

Residential Noise Reduction

Noise does not only come from outside of the home. Watching the newest Hollywood thriller in your media room or practicing an instrument can both be quite loud and disruptive for other members of your household. How about a napping baby or shift worker trying to sleep or an avid reader trying to enjoy a book? Each would appreciate noise reduction and tranquility.

Will your new custom home have hardwood floors and high ceilings? These popular upgrades can cause an echo effect that makes noise travel throughout the house. Home Drywall & Painting has the experience, tools and knowledge to soundproof any room of your home. Let us help you to choose the best soundproofing options for each room, whether in the Walls, Ceilings or Floors.

Green Glue Soundproofing Technique

• Green Glue Compound can reduce noise traveling from room to room by up to 90%.
• Green Glue application is noninvasive
• Green Glue Compound is applied between two sheets of drywall.

Dense Pack Cellulose Soundproofing

• Dense Pack Cellulose can be an effective sound barrier.
• Dense Pack Cellulose works as sound insulation as it hinders air from moving throughout the home.

RC-1 Soundproofing Solution

• Resilient Channel (RC1) is like a shock absorber that reduces vibrations coming through the ceilings and walls.
• We place an Absorbent mat inside of walls to trap and cushion the sound waves.
• RC-1 is a very cost effective noise-reducing product.

Soundproofing Roseville MN: Residential & Commercial Soundproofing Services

A custom built home should have each room made to your specifications and standards. Don’t forget to soundproof where it matters the most. Home Drywall & Painting specializes in Residential Soundproofing Services along with our Commercial Soundproofing Service. We understand the science behind each soundproofing product and technique. Your Home can benefit from Soundproofing Roseville MN home from RC-1, Green Glue or Dense Pack soundproofing products. Trust our 25 years of experience to take care of your noise control issues.

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