Drywall Texture MN: Your Available Texture Choices!

Drywall Texture MNIf you are looking for a way to give the interior of your home in Lino Lakes, MN a completely new look, drywall texture may be just what you need. Drywall texture allows you to put an individual touch to any room in your home. No matter what type of drywall texture you may need, by partnering with Home Drywall & Painting you can ensure that your home will have that special look that will wow your family and friends. In this blog we will discuss a few of the most popular types of drywall texture so that you can decide which type you may prefer for your next home remodel.

Types of Drywall Texture MN:

Orange Peel Texture – Orange peel texture is a type of drywall texture that resembles its name – an orange peel. It provides an attractive texture, which can hide wall imperfections and give your home a unique look that you won’t see everyday.

Knock Down Texture – Knock down is a drywall texture that is not quite as distinct as orange peel, but offers more texture than a standard flat finish. Some contractors will apply knock down texture by hand or with the use of a texture machine.

Popcorn Texture – Popcorn texture is most often seen on ceilings where contractors can save money by not having to completely finish the ceilings in a home. Popcorn ceilings are often used in large tract home communities where builders are looking for ways to cut costs and to speed up each part of the building process. While popcorn texture is most often used on ceilings, it can also be used on walls, as well to provide a unique look to any room.

Drywall Texture MN: Make sure to Hire the Right Team for Your Job!

If you are looking for a contractor with experience with all types of drywall texture including orange peel, knock down and popcorn, look no further than the experts at Home Drywall & Painting. Whether you are adding or removing drywall texture in your home, the process can be quite messy. At Home Drywall, we have the experience and the tools to reduce the mess and give you a finished product that you will appreciate for years to come.

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