Drywall Texturing Services MN

    Drywall Texturing Services MN

    Home Drywall and Painting offers a variety of different texture options for home or business’ drywall projects. Our most popular textures include smooth, knockdown, orange-peel and popcorn (acoustic). However, we do offer more customized textures to provide your project with precisely the look you are picturing. We will also discuss benefits and drawbacks of each of these textures before you make your final selection to help ensure that you texture will last for years and years. Drywall Texturing Services MN

    One of our texturing specialties is removing popcorn from ceilings and replacing it with knockdown texture. In fact, this is one of most popular services now that popcorn is considered dated and there are more appealing texture options available. But did you know that we could also apply knockdown texture to your interior walls? Not only is knockdown texture an affordable upgrade to your home, but the work can be completed quickly.

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    Or perhaps, you’d be interested in applying a smooth surface to your ceilings and walls. Smooth texture does require more time and effort than other textures to receive high-quality results. The technical skill required to create a smooth texture is another reason to go with the pros at Home Drywall and Painting.


    Whether your home is fully furnished or vacant we take every precaution necessary to keep your home and furnishings safe and clean. Once your home and furnishings are protected we begin to scrape the popcorn and subsequently skim for smooth ceiling or spray knockdown.  We will make minor drywall repairs at no extra charge, and if the repairs are extensive we do offer a full drywall repair service at very competitive prices. You can rest assured that we will discuss repairs with you and include costs in the original estimate, so there are no surprises. Drywall Texturing Services MN


    We are committed to quality and professional craftsmanship and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our mission is to achieve the best customer service in the painting and remodeling industry. Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting is house painting and services company that plays by the rules. We are fully licensed, insured, and each of our employees has been fully trained and passed our background testing. From your first call to your last call you will be dealing directly with one our trained professionals. And we will deliver top-of-the-line workmanship on each of the services we provide. Drywall Texturing Services MN


    Please don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong company texture your ceilings and walls. When you ask around or do your own research, you will hear our name again and again. You’ll get the results you are after at a price you’ll love. Drywall Texturing Services MN


    We can schedule any size job with a week or two notice. Call our team of friendly professioanls who are ready to assist with any questions you may have. Remember, there is no obligation and we will work around your busy schedule.

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