Drywall Texture Roseville MN

Popcorn texture, also known as sprayed acoustic texture, got its nick name from its popped corn-like appearance. If you’re looking to give your outdated ceilings a new look, adding texture and re-texturing walls can bring your rooms back to life. Cleaning, repainting and retexturing your ceilings every few years helps keep them clean and efficient. Home Drywall and Painting can help you with your Drywall Texture Roseville MN job. 

Drywall Texture Roseville MN| Types of Textures to choose from?

Drywall texture styles are generally grouped into two categories based on how the application process takes place.  Some textures are applied by hand and basic tools (hand applied drywall textures), while others need a machine to spray texture material onto a prepared surface (sprayer applied drywall textures).

Drywall Texture Roseville MN: Hand Applied Drywall Textures

Hand drywall textures can be a unique way to add a special touch to any retexturing. Since the process is done by hand, minor details and changes can be made and added. Various drywall textures use special brushes or knives to stomp or swirl patterns in the mud. Hand drywall techniques are completely unique. Even if two tradesmen are working with the same tools and mud, they can produce very different drywall texture styles simply on their style and skill-level.

Some popular hand drywall texture styles include:

  •           Skip Trowel
  •           Hawk and Trowel
  •           Santa-Fe Texture
  •           Double skip
  •           Swirl
  •           Crows-foot stomp
  •           Rosebud stomp
  •           Stomp knockdown

Drywall Texture Roseville MN: Sprayer Applied Drywall Textures

There are numerous shapes, sizes and brands when it comes to drywall texture sprayers. Generally, most of them have a hopper needed for the texture material, which is carried from the hopper into a long hose, and an air compressor. Texture is then pushed through a long hose to a gun operated by hand triggers. The texture gun clashes the mud and compressed air together causing it to have a textured spray on the drywall surface. The type of texture that is created depends on the material size, type of nozzle on the gun and the amount of air being compressed into the mud.

Sprayer applied drywall texture styles include:

  •           Splatter knockdown
  •           Orange peel
  •           Popcorn

Let Home Drywall & Painting Refresh your Ceilings!

If you have ideas ready to discuss with our experts, or need a couple of ideas, we are here to help.  At Home Drywall & Painting Inc, we have many ceiling texture options to choose from for your next project. We will work with your unique style to create beautiful ceilings to give your rooms a fresh new look.

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