A Basement Remodel MN project makes a lot of sense; not only does it add more living space, but it also adds value to your home. Your basement is already there, so why worry about adding an extra room! Many homeowners try to tackle this task themselves, but it never quite turns out how they expected it to. Most homeowners do not have the right tools, knowledge, and background to get the job done correctly the first try. Not knowing exactly how to finish a basement can lead to more damage costing you more money and time in the long run.

Basement Remodel MN

Basement Remodel MN

At Minnesota Drywall and Painting, we know that your home is very important, that’s why we are the most trusted drywall contractor among many homeowners throughout Minneapolis, MN. We know how to finish, update and renovate basements in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Having our drywall contractors handle hanging and finishing the drywall in your your basement remodel MN makes the final product look professional.

Basement Remodel MN |Reasons Homeowners Finish their Basement:

 -Performance and Functionality

Whatever you feel is lacking in your home can be added in the basement. An extra bedroom, bathroom, family room, home theater space, bar/mini kitchen, home office, or a hobby room can turn any basement into the newest extension of your home.

-Quite & Organized–Warmth & Coolness

Your children and teenagers can now take their activities, games, music, and video games to a clean and dry basement family room without disturbing the rest of the household. Many of our projects include insulating the ceiling which curbs the noise between floors, and helps keep the basement warm during the winter months.

-Laid-back Atmosphere

For some mystical reason, the casual feel of a finished basement gives family members and guests a chance to relax in a way that is not possible in the more formal areas upstairs. Typically, when homeowners finish their basement, it is by far the most frequently used and enjoyed area of the house.

-Investment & Resale

Not only does finishing your basement add an extra room, or multiple rooms to your household, but it also offers the best value per square foot when compared to a room addition. When adding an authentic bedroom or a professionally created bathroom to the basement, the value of your home can increase exponentially.

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