Drywall Texture Minneapolis MNAre the ceilings in your Minneapolis MN home looking a little flat? If you’re bored with the look of your ceiling, it may be time to add some texture. Texture can create depth and change the look of your entire home or any room. Ceiling texture also hides flaws that are hardly covered by paint. Home Drywall & Painting can help refresh the look of your home with their Drywall Texture Minneapolis MN their experience allows for a quick preparation, application and clean up. Our professionals will make the process of adding texture look easy, don’t be fooled, its not.

Drywall Texture Minneapolis MN| There are multiple ways to add texture to your ceiling:

Knockdown Drywall Texture

This drywall finishing style adds a more modern look and is becoming increasingly popular. Having a qualified professional apply this type of texture will improve the look of your ceilings dramatically and it will also raise the value of your home. This is the least intense of the texture finishes because the compound applied is then skimmed with a knife, removing much of the textures heaviness, hence the name knockdown.

Orange-Peel Drywall Texture

This drywall finishing style is also common now days. This technique uses small splatter designs to liven up your walls or ceilings. This texture is a little more pronounced then knockdown but it still does not overwhelm the area. Our professionals can create larger or smaller splatter textures, depending on your interests.

Drywall Texture Minneapolis MN | Popcorn Drywall Texture Removal

The oldest and most commonly known drywall finishing style is popcorn. Most people that own an older home have popcorn ceiling texture. You either love them or hate them but back in the day they were the fad. Popcorn, also known as acoustic, ceilings have a heavier look about them, the texture is very noticeable and if you accidentally scrap the ceiling be sure to cover your eyes because particles will fall down and they are painful when in contact with your eye.

Home Drywall & Painting can clean up your existing popcorn texture, over the years they will become dingy, discolored and maybe even uneven, if your ceilings have suffered from a lot of contact. Call us for your Drywall Texture Minneapolis MN.

Removal of Existing Drywall Texture

The professionals at Home Drywall and Painting not only offer drywall texture but they also specialize in texture removal. Many homeowners are upgrading to the more popular knockdown and orange-peel textures but because of the existing popcorn ceiling they can not have the texture applied until the popcorn has been removed. Removal of popcorn texture is messy job, best handled by a professional. Get a quote now!

Drywall Texture Minneapolis MN| Color on Your Ceiling

Home Drywall and Painting can add color to any drywall texture of your choice. There is no need to stick to plain white, add drama to an area with a darker colored ceiling.

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