Home Painting
Home PaintingDoes your home need some painting? It’s easy to think about a color scheme and maybe even drive to a hardware store, pick out a primer and find the exact shade of paint you’re looking for. But the task becomes more of a challenge when it comes down to the necessary painting preparations for the interior or exterior of your home. The simple paint project you predicted to take a day ends up on hold. With work, the kids, errands and activities, there are just not enough hours in the day. If your planned home painting project is overdue and there is no telling when you will get the time, turn to the professionals of the house painting business at Home Drywall & Painting.

Home Painting| Proper Painting Technique and Preparation

For a quality appearance and a long lasting result in and outside your home the correct tools and preparation is needed. Our professionals come to your home with the needed tarps, paint trays and use top quality paint rollers and brushes to ensure a smooth paint application. We also have extension poles and ladders on hand, for any high walls or ceilings that need to be painted.

Prior to applying the high quality primer and/or paint selected for the project, we will move furniture, tarp the area and touch up any minor damages your drywall has encountered. Our professionals will smooth bumps, patch holes, fill cracks, and remove any paint flakes. Because we also specialize in drywall repair and installation, our contractors have a keen eye for any wall imperfections that could cause even a slight flaw in the finished paint appearance.

Interior Painting Professionals MN

Interior Home Painting

Our professional painting contractors at Home Drywall & Painting offer kitchen, living room, bedroom, family room, hallway, bathroom and office wall and ceiling painting services that will revive your homes look.  We have a variety of paint and finishes, specifically you can choose from a flat, satin or egg shell finish. If you are unsure of what to choose, we can lend an experienced opinion.

Exterior Home Painting

Exterior Painting offers some protection from the elements of Minnesota and it is also a good way to hide any small imperfections you don’t want to see. Whether you would like just a touch up paint job on your garage or you want to re-paint your entire homes exterior, we offer paint services for everything. From complete homes to garages, porches, decks, patios, sheds and fences. We use top quality paints for a lasting impression to any exterior surface.

Call Home Drywall & Painting today for an exterior or interior painting quote at (612) 816-5333, we have the skills your home needs!