Painting Contractor MNChoosing the colors and designs when starting a painting project is always the most enjoyable and fun part of the job. A lot of homeowners get so focused on color swatches and matching that they tend to forget about one of the most important parts: the quality of paint that they are using.


Some exterior paints stay looking fresh and vibrant years after they have been painted, while others start peeling and flaking within a couple of years. And some interior paints still flaunt their rich, deep colors for decades while some immediately look like they need a recoat, even after you just painted. Remember, not all paint is created equal, and it is important to choose quality paint for your Minneapolis, MN home that will withstand years of wear and tear.

Interior Painting Saint Paul|Why Is Quality Paint More Expensive?

High-quality paints are more expensive because they have special ingredients and a bigger percentage of solids. The more solids you have the thicker the paint is, resulting in a longer-lasting coating.

Interior Painting Saint Paul|Other benefits of high-quality paint include:

  • Easier to apply
  • Flow better
  • Splatter Less
  • Don’t need as many coats to get the same coverage
  • Stick to surfaces more efficiently
  • Hides uneven coloration in the substrate better
  • Resists chalking, fading, peeling, flaking, dirt and mildews at a higher rate
  • More economical because they last longer and cost less per year
  • When deciding be sure to look for pigments, paint binders and liquid carriers in the paint you choose.

Home Drywall And Painting: Quality Painting Services At Low Costs

At Home Drywall and Painting, we know painting the interior or exterior of your home can be a sizeable investment. That’s why we work with you and tailor your needs around a specific budget plan. Our professional painting contractors combine state-of-the-art technology with the best products and paints on the market, ensuring that your paint will last for many years without needing a touch-up. All of our painting contractors are highly skilled, licensed and bonded, offering you the highest quality services you’d expect.

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