Popcorn Texture Removal

You have decided that your home is ready for a new look to bring in the New Year. Although popcorn ceilings were a pretty popular design trend during the 60s and 70s, it has definitely stayed in the past. Popcorn ceilings catch dirt, dust, and can even contain asbestos. The ceilings can also affect a house’s value. ¬†Performing popcorn texture removal by your self can be very time consuming and messy to remove, which is why many people turn to the professionals. Here are some ideas to consider when remodeling that out of date popcorn textured ceiling:

Popcorn Texture Removal To Remodel Your Home! Color is your best friend

Dark ceiling colors will make a ceiling appear lower, while light colors will make the ceiling look higher. Painting your ceiling in a color can cool down a hot room or bring sunshine and warmth to a room that’s dark. Light doesn’t mean you have to stick with just white.¬† Colors like yellows, sage greens, pale pinks and pale oranges are all fabulous selections for ceiling colors.

Popcorn Texture Removal: Hide ceiling cracks with paint able ceiling wall paper

Paint able ceiling wallpaper is a wonderful way to hide those imperfections. Paint able wallpapers are heavy, textured papers that imitate the old tin type ceiling tiles and can be painted to look as if it was the real deal. It is a great way to get around unattractive ceiling cracks, weird patch jobs, and old wallpaper seams.Popcorn Texture Removal

Ceiling medallions

Decorative ceiling medallions have an elegant appearance to them and continue to be made in a wide range of architectural styles and are created to fit in any type of room. They look striking and eye catching against a painted ceiling.

Popcorn texture removal: Bead board ceiling

For porches, kitchens, and eating nooks, a bead board ceiling gives a room a rustic charm that is hard beat. Wooden ceilings have a sense of warmth and are a great way of making a cracked ceiling. Bead board ceilings are commonly painted white to make the ceiling appear visually taller, but also look amazing with a natural stain.

Remodel your home: Switch out old light fixtures

Nothing screams, “I’m outdated” like old light fixtures. If your ceiling fixtures date from the 1970s to 1990s, it’s probably time to replace them.¬† A simple change in light fixtures can bring your ceiling back to life.

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