Knockdown Ceiling TextureIf you’re not content with your current popcorn ceiling and are interested in finding a solution that looks more appealing, you should consider knockdown ceiling texture for your ceilings. Knockdown ceilings are extremely popular at the moment. They offer contrast to a ceiling without the weighed down look of popcorn. This type of drywall texture will renew the look of your old ceiling or walls and can also add character to your flat, plain walls or ceilings.  At Home Drywall & Painting our specialty is adding personality to your home, through your walls and ceilings.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture: Popcorn Removal

Popcorn ceilings are becoming a thing of the past because many homes are in need of a touch up or they are sick of staring at the same cottage cheese look. Back in the day, popcorn ceilings were standard because many times no other options were presented.  Now days, there are a variety of ceiling finishes which include not only popcorn like orange peel, which is a less heavy than popcorn and knockdown, which is a lighter texture than both. Because Knockdown Ceiling Texture has a slighter appearance the texture currently on your ceiling needs to be removed first.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture: Popcorn Removal Dangers

Before the 1990s asbestos was found in the materials that made up the popcorn texture material. Because of this find a new product was made for the same purpose, just with different components. For that reason, it is highly advised that anyone looking for popcorn ceiling texture removal seek out a licensed professional. White asbestos exposure can cause multiple harmful effects on the body, such as organ abnormalities and even cancer.  The professionals at Home Drywall & Painting know and follow the safety procedures if asbestos is found in your ceiling.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture: Adding Texture to New Drywall

If you are looking to spruce up your new drywall and are bored with the flat surface of your wall. Maybe you installed it yourself and can visually see seams in the ceiling that make you regret your ‘DIY’ decision. Don’t fret, knockdown drywall ceiling texture is the perfect solution! It will not only add personality to your room but it will cover up those flaws, as if they never existed. This texture option is less extreme than the alternative of orange peel or popcorn and more dramatic than a plan flat surface.

If you need your new drywall textured or old popcorn ceiling removed we are here for you. Call Home Drywall and Painting at (612) 816-5333 today, we will take your ceiling and make it lot more appealing.

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