Drywall Taping Saint Paul

Drywall Taping Saint Paul When entrusting someone to work on your Saint Paul, MN home professionalism is a must, from all aspects of the service including the work, demeanor, on schedule arrival, exit and project completion. Home Drywall & Painting has a team that prides itself on, not only, the highest quality drywall hanging, drywall taping saint paul, texturing and painting but also prompt and courteous conduct.

Home Drywall & Painting offers full service drywall completion, from hanging sheetrock and adding texture to painting the taped, constructed wall. That being said, lets narrow the field down to one specific drywall service, drywall taping.

After the sheetrock is hung and properly secured but before it can be painted, or textured the process of taping occurs. Drywall taping Saint Paul is a major aspect in the final look of your newly constructed walls. If an inexperienced hand preforms this portion the end result of your walls will most likely be bumpy ridged and uneven.

Drywall Taping Saint Paul| Drywall Taping Three Coat Process:

First Coat

This taping process focuses on covering up the seams created when separate pieces of sheetrock join, usually called joints. Joints will be found on the walls and ceilings and need to be covered to create a solid, single structured looking wall. Our sheetrock hangers make sure to use the largest sections of sheetrock for your specific area so joints are minimum. When applying the first coat of tape, our professional are only equipped with the highest quality compound and professional grade tools, specific for this process.

Second Coat

After the first coat is completely dry, the second coat, also known as the filler coat can be added. This consists of going over all of the compound previously applied and building on it. Patience and technique is critical for a smooth transition from one sheetrock piece to the next. This method is called feathering. When feathering, a steady-hand and keen-eye are required. It also helps to have years of experience, which our crew has.

Third and Final Coat

After the second coat has dried the final coat is truly a work of art. This process takes a great deal of blending, smoothing and sanding to ensure a perfect completed surface. Once completed you can decorate in any way. Our services don’t have to stop there, we can also paint and/or texture the walls or ceilings according to your tastes.

It is important that these processes are timed properly. Each coat needs to dry completely prior to the next coat to ensure a smooth and perfect finish and application. The fact of this process is that each step is messy but there is no need for you to worry, Home Drywall & Painting cleans up the drywall taping Saint Paul project sight after each and every step is preformed and before they leave.

For a seamless finish to any desired drywall project call our experts at Home Drywall & Painting at (612) 816-5333!