Commercial Drywall Saint PaulIf you’re in the process of building or renovating a commercial property and need drywall installation, finishing, texturing, soundproofing and/or painting in the Minneapolis, MN area, Home Drywall and Painting offers services that can’t be beat. Our highly experienced and courteous team of drywall contractors can complete an entire transformation for your commercial area; whether it be a repair shop, restaurant, shopping mall, gas stations, skyscrapers, warehouses or any other property that needs walls constructed.

It’s important to choose a professional drywall company that demands the best from their team, everyday. At Home Drywall and Painting we are dedicated to providing prompt, precise and efficient services that leave our customers overly satisfied with our process, as well as the final result. No property is too large for our experts and we never miss a seam, corner, or screw.

Commercial Drywall Saint Paul| Drywall Installation

If you have a commercial building or renovation project on your hands, chances are there’s a time-line. Whether the job requires starting from scratch or picking up where someone left off, we can complete it by your deadline. Our professional drywall installation crew always uses the largest sheets of sheetrock, to minimize seams. This might mean heavy lifting, but the results are worth it.

Commercial Drywall Saint Paul| Finishing

Appearance is just as important for both the exterior and interior of your commercial property. Your work space will be seen by clients, employees, possibly even investors; all will notice your properties condition. A small seam that was not properly taped or a hole not filled will attract attention and not in a good way. Our drywall professionals have the proper techniques that guarantee a smooth and even finish to your commercial walls. We can even paint your commercial walls, for a complete finish provided by one company, not several.

Commercial Drywall Saint Paul| Texturing

Home Drywall and Painting knows how to apply and create beautiful textures, that will give your commercial property a modern feel, with a little added character. Whether it’s texture for the ceiling or a wall we have extensive experience and the right tools, you’ll be delighted that you chose our services. We offer three main textures, knockdown (extremely popular), orange-peel and popcorn. If you are looking for a more unique texture style, we are more than willing to work with you to deliver your requests.

Ceiling, Floor and Wall Commercial Soundproofing

A commercial business should be able to allow a multitude of activities, while still remaining a peaceful environment. With our multiple soundproofing abilities you can conduct business efficiently, without the disturbance of noises. Meet with prospective clients, while your business is still going strong around you. Close the door and eliminate all the sounds of production. We have three different types of soundproofing solutions, contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide the best answers for your specific commercial property.

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