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Basement Remodel MN| Reasons Homeowners Finish their Basement!

A Basement Remodel MN project makes a lot of sense; not only does it add more living space, but it also adds value to your home. Your basement is already there, so why worry about adding an extra room! Many homeowners try to tackle this task themselves, but it never quite turns out how they expected it to. Most homeowners do not have the right tools, knowledge, and background to get the job done correctly the first try. Not knowing exactly how to finish a basement can lead to more damage costing you more money and time in the long run. Basement Remodel…

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Popcorn Texture Removal MN| Time for a change?

After years upon years of staring up at this weird popcorn textured feature on your ceilings, you’ve finally decided that it’s time for a change. A lot of homeowners tend to think that they will be able to scrape their ceilings and paint themselves. Although the task may seem easy, a lot of mistakes can occur, which can damage your ceiling leading to costly repairs. At Home Drywall and Painting, we know that you not only want to get rid of that ugly popcorn stuff, but that you want to end up with a breathtaking ceiling when you finish. Our team…

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