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Home Remodeling St. Paul MN | We’re happy to help!

Home Remodeling St. Paul MN |Let us help you with your project! Everything gets old – and so does your house. Sad as it may be, those interiors just aren’t as good looking as they once were. You need to get your walls repaired, repainted – and maybe deal with those cold drafts coming through, or the less- than- soundproof nature of the walls. At Home Drywall Repair and Painting, we have an extreme number of options to help you with your Home Remodeling project. Whether you just want to repaint a room, or rip out and replace all the…

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Coon Rapids Sheetrock Repair | New Year, New walls!

Coon Rapids Sheetrock Repair | Make your walls the most useful they can be! Your walls are some of the most important parts of your house. But it can be difficult to make sure that they stay intact, let alone useful to your ends. Or it would be – if not for Sheetrock. Sheetrock is a special substance that can be inserted in your home to perform any number of tasks – there’s noise dampening Sheetrock, moisture inhibiting Sheetrock, and many, many more varieties! But it can be difficult to get it installed in your house. And why should you…

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St. Paul Drywall Repair | New Year, New Home!

St. Paul Drywall Repair | Make your house look better than it ever has! Your house was beautiful when you got it. But let’s face it – everything gets old. But unlike most things, your house’s interiors can be made to look better than new if you just repair the ceilings! The “popcorn ceiling” look can be easily replaced by beautiful smooth interiors when you contract with Home Drywall and Painting. Sure, you could DIY – but why would you spend all that time this close to the New Year’s celebrations when you could contact us, and let our experienced…

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