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You still love your home, the neighbors are amazing, the school district is one of the best around, and the view from your kitchen is to die for… But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a good thing even better with a home remodeling and Interior Painting MN project or two! It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either.

Sometimes a remodeling project as simple as having the walls professionally repainted can give your home a whole new lease on life. And with another Christmas just around the corner, maybe you’re thinking of ways to update your home. It could be just the right accent you need to give your hum-drum kitchen the WOW factor for the Holidays!

Are you ready to take the remodeling plunge but don’t know where to start? Well, if your kitchen looks like days from the Eisenhower administration, or still has that red checkered plastic shelf liner that the original owners put in 30 years ago, perhaps painting your kitchen is a good idea.

Interior Painting MN: DIY vs DIFM for Residential Painting

Interior Painting MN

Many homeowners have a knack for envisioning how paint colors will fit in with their home, but for some of us… Not so much! Plus, there are so many different varieties of paint and different finishes available on the market today, it can be hard to choose. Flat, shine, egg shell, semi-gloss, and high-gloss… what do they all mean?

So, if DIY isn’t your thing… Don’t worry about it. As it turns out, more people than ever are turning to the pros for their home improvement, Interior Painting MN and remodeling projects. The folks over at Redbeacon spent a lot of time looking into the reasons why. It’s called DIFM: do it for me.

In a survey conducted with the help of Kelton Research, they found out some very interesting information about what people will do (and what they’d give up) to have a pro at their beck and call. Some of which may surprise you.

Interior Painting MN

Nearly 25% of homeowners wished they’d hired a professional while they were attempting their DIY project. (Twelve percent of these reluctant DIYers also vowed to never DIY again!)

Of the homeowners surveyed, almost 40% said they spent more time than they’d originally budgeted for the project they tried to DIY. And on the unfortunate side, 23% of respondents admit to fighting with their spouses during the course of the project.

And what would the average American homeowner give up to have a home-service pro at their beck and call?

  • 56% would stay off social media for a full year
  • 36% would give up watching their favorite sports team
  • 35% would stop dining out
  • 23% would hand over their yearly vacation days

And the real surprise? Twenty percent would give up hanky panky for a year in order to have on-call help from a home-service pro.

Shocking? Maybe not. Employed Americans are increasingly at a time crunch — 27% of respondents say they hired out because they simply did not have the free time to put toward their home projects.

So, if your desire to be handy in your home is matched only by your clumsiness, hire a Minnesota Home Drywall and Painting Contractor to help you to decide which paint and which finish is right for your Interior Painting MN project!  Plus, they will take care of moving and covering your furniture, preparing your walls, and cleaning up any mess afterwards.

Home Drywall and Painting – The Interior Painting Experts! Why Americans Are Hiring Professionals To Get The Job Done!

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